La Yerbera [English]

La Yerbera [English]


La Yerbera blossomed out of a desire to share all of our mother’s knowledge and wisdom with you. What started as a private conversation where we exchanged home remedies and secret recipes turned into a discussion on the lack of validation and weight given to grandmother sabiduria, curandera knowledge and our families greatest heirlooms: los remedios caseros. Often times these remedies are openly mocked and ridiculed by our own people, seen as low-class by others, dismissed by big pharmaceutical companies or our family doctors; only we know how many times savila has healed our cuts, how our limpias have cleansed our spirits, how long this knowledge has existed and been passed down through our generations. 

We know that women are the backbone to us all. Every time one’s mother douses one’s head with the special blend she learned from her mother of water, alcohol and herbs to bring down a fever, we tap into our family’s collective social consciousness, see grandmother spirits, talk with all the women that existed before us. This issue is dedicated to all that learning, that bleeding; to the lives of the mujeres whose prayers are still around us. 

Cover by Kat Fajardo

Contributors: Amanda Alcantara, Briana Ureña-Ravelo, Elena Vanasse Torres, Jenoris Caba, Jessica Rodriguez, Luna Olavarria Gallegos, Maritza Jaramillo, Merelis Catalina Ortiz, Naila Saphia, Natasha Soto, Salome Luna Gemme, Sarah Maria Acosta Ahmad, Stephanie Morillo, Vivi Moreno, Yanina Angelini Arismendi

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