Cultural Disconnect Zine

Cultural Disconnect Zine


In collaboration with Sula Collective, we have released a mini-zine on the topic of "Cultural Disconnect." 

"Feeling torn between cultures and identities is a familiar experience for many people of colour. Having to navigate a society that is regarded as ‘home’ yet regards them as ‘alien’ creates a sense of major disconnect between our cultures and ourselves. The feeling of disconnection is something that never really goes away. It is constantly exacerbated by society’s hostility towards our very existence and makes us question our adequacy. Throughout our lives, we are often forced into a liminality of sorts, the threshold between integration and rejection of both our host society and our family’s traditions.

Creators from both Sula Collective and La Liga Zine dissect cultural disconnection in this collaborative issue. In these upcoming pages, we explore our individual experiences as first generation to third generation immigrants, and people of color who, in an attempt to assimilate, were too ashamed at our lack of whiteness growing up to embrace whatever traces of our culture we had left.

As people of color, we have no choice but to make our own homes and families. Existing in the middle of two cultures, neither of which we fully belong to, requires us to find spaces we can mend and create. These places are where we can be ourselves without having to contort our bodies and thoughts into forms that don’t entirely fit, because we create the mould."

- from our editors: Kassandra, Mari, & Sophia

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