Shared Power

I've only recently begun to conceptualize and execute legitimate shoots and with each shoot, I've learned a little bit more about how to interact with the people I'm shooting/working with (because "my models" sounds soooo weird to me). For this shoot, it was of the utmost importance that the folks I was shooting were comfortable. I wanted them to know they could trust me to absorb their image to put out into the world, especially as the shoot called for me getting physically close to them and having them get close to each other. I realized, a few hours before the shoot, that photographing people is such an awkward experience for me because there's an automatic imbalance of power: as the photographer, I have the strongest (though not exclusive) say in what gets visually saved from every moment that we're shooting.

I brought a compact camera that we all shared in order to spread the power of the image. Being able to share the control over what gets recorded on film and shared to all of you made everyone get into the spirit of photographing and being photographed and helped us develop a more confident and comfortable process while shooting and allowed for a more natural chemistry between the incredible people I had the privilege to photograph for this series, which will be in La Liga's first print issue (now available for pre-order). Without further ado, here are the behind the scenes photos from our shoot.

All photos taken by Roxana, Timothy, Jenoris, and Fefi and edited by Jenoris.