This shoot was born out of a (slightly) happy accident. When I first approached La Liga about shooting for them, the purpose of the shoot was to highlight body hair in Latinx femmes as a reclamation of their femininity. Unfortunately, the roll of film containing the key photos of the shoot turned up blank. C'est la vie. What I had left were photos that were meant to be fillers. I was definitely sad that I couldn't communicate visually what I had originally intended to (and still intend to, in the future) but with some help from my friend Sara, I was able to find a new focus for the photos I had. These were no longer simply filler photos. What I saw when I finally took the time to really look at my photos were images of two Latinx femmes occupying a wonderful natural space peacefully. What I saw was something I rarely see: Latinx femme people without aggression, without spice or sass or any of the things we so often get relegated to in mass media. We are more than attitudes. More than the men that surround us and often over flood our narratives. We can exist on our own. Right now. Right here.

These photos were originally showed at La Liga's Pura Sabrosura! 

Models: Stephanie D & Stephanie G

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