#LaLigaMix: Trapbeldía by DJ Bembona

The Latinx presence in Hip-Hop has always been there since its birth. Not only has Latinx Hip-Hop grown & developed in all parts of Latin America but, it has given the 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation, Latinx youth a powerful & unique voice. Trapbeldia ( the word combines the current sound of Mainstream U.S. Hip-Hop/Rap with the word Rebeldia/Rebellion) serves as a way to demonstrate the power that Latinx artists still have within the Hip-Hop/Rap game. It also brings awareness to the under-representation occurring throughout the Hip-Hop & Latinx mainstream waves/charts. Ranging in sounds from artists coming from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, NYC, Cali, and more... Trapbeldia is a call of rebellion & power throughout the Latinx masses.

Sound Engineered by Banginclude

  Photo by Stephanie Orentas

Photo by Stephanie Orentas

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