Swoon: Anaïs Hinojosa Téllez directs ETA's New MV

ETA's newest video release, "Swoon," is a collaboration with director Anaïs Hinojosa Téllez. Featuring low melancholic vocals and a mysterious aura, the visuals of the video are imbued with an eeriness that results in a beautifully haunting final product. The song will be part of ETA's upcoming 'Past Hype' EP.

The collaboration came about organically when the two artists met through their work at a charter school. Born in Tustin, CA and a son of Vietnam War refugees, ETA is a creative interested in the occult, deconstructing media representations of marginalized groups, and millennial self-reflexivity with an aesthetic air of magical realism. Anaïs is a Los Angeles-based Chicana artist working mostly with film/video, writing, and the intersection of the two. Initially Anaïs' intimate verite style drew ETA's attention and their partnership ultimately blossomed out of mutual admiration for each other's work. Their complimentary visions culminated in the birth of this project.

The narrative of the video seems to be centered around two characters (played by Aura Oropeza Tellez and Asuka Lin) and their nostalgic longing for a fond past. However, the director herself prefers the audience to come up with their own interpretations about the video. "I believe in allowing films to speak for themselves," Anaïs tells us. "Personal process and intention become irrelevant once the film has taken something of mine, perhaps a series of emotions or experiences, and morphed it into something that exists without me." 

Watch the video here and keep and eye out for these two artists' next projects!