#DalePlay 馃攰 New Music from Xenia Rubinos, Turbo Sonidero, Algod贸n Egipcio, & more

Xenia Rubinos - "Lonely Lover" (ANTI Records)

Xenia Rubinos is a Brooklyn-based musician creating a genre all of her own. This explosi贸n of a song is Xenia's first single of her upcoming debut on ANTI Records. Stop yourself from moving to this one, atr茅vete. "Lonely Lover" is a deeply groovy track, soulful at it's roots, and brightly experimental. She explains her new album, Black Terry Cat, is "a #browngirlmagic carpet ride powered by deep pocket backbeats and funky bass lines." We're installing subwoofers on that magic carpet for full effect. Check out our photos from her show in Brooklyn in March.

Panchasila - "Proyecto Huemul" (Pakapi Records/Was Ist Das?)

Pakapi Records and Was Ist Das? collaborations have become a staple in my tape collection. It's absolute #labeltrust. Their latest, Industria Tropical, is a compilation of artists fusing cumbia with industrial music. This track from Panchasila is borderline spooky; you can feel the slowly churning metal of the charrasca. Put your boots on y baila esta cumbia. 

La Gallera Social Club - "Quichimba" (Self-released)

La Gallera Social Club is Venezuela's response to Colombia's Los Pira帽as. "Quichimba" twists together electronic beats with Venezuelan folk music and Afro-Caribbean drums; it's here that music from the mountains meets music from the shore and blasts off to space.  

MULA - "No Hay Manera" (Pulcra Records)

Dominican Republic's MULA are about to release a 7-inch flexi disc with this track, which also features their last single "Retumba". "No Hay Manera" leads in with a dreamlike flute before speeding it up to an electro-merengue beat that flirts with dark dembow. Let's not waste time tying MULA down to genre y vamo' a bailar.  

Algod贸n Egipcio - "Los Deseos" (Ponk Records/Arts & Crafts Mexico)

Algod贸n Egipcio's latest record, La Confianza Ciega, is a tropical pop trip. Originally from Venezuela and based in Mexico City, Algod贸n Egipcio has been constantly creating thoughtful pop rooted in experimentation, and in "Los Deseos" melody thrives on repetition and disruption. 

Turbo Sonidero (ft. Ivan Flores) - "Killa Kumbia" (Terror Negro Records)

Turbo Sonidero is West Coast fire. This Chicano producer mezcla cumbia with hip-hop and rap samples creating a dark, thumping and extremely danceable track with "Killa Kumbia". 

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