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Travis Fristoe Memorial Zine Fest & Zine Collection Dedication

The one-year anniversary of Travis's death is fast approaching. For his friends in Brooklyn/NYC, let's get together the day before and celebrate his life with the things that he loved: friends, music, and zines. Meet us at the auditorium of the DeKalb Library to share memories of Travis, support zines, and listen to readings of his work.

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We will be featuring over twenty-two zine exhibitors courtesy of The Silent Barn's Paper Jam Fest. Exhibitors will be presenting works and selling zines in memory of Travis's dedication to zines and zine libraries.

Exhibitor List:

1.) The Bettys

2.) Mayday Space

3.) Negative Pleasure Publications

4.) The Troll Hole

5.) Ilana Blady

6.) JR Zuckerberg

7.) O. Horvath

8.) Megan Manowitz

9.) TheMedia

10.) Mary Shyne

11.) Caroline Paquita


13.) Robert Richburg

14.) Alabaster

15.) Andy Pratt

16.) Rachel Hays

17.) Lala Albert

18.) Kat Fajardo

19.) Casa Experimental

20.) La Liga Zine

21.) Ridgewood Youth Council

I'm also very excited to announce that Violet Fox, Matthew Moyer and all of the amazing folks at the Zine Pavilion ( at ALA's 2016 conference have donated 110 zines to Brooklyn Public Library to start a zine collection in Travis's memory. The zines will be shipped to DeKalb Library at 790 Bushwick Ave and will be on display at the event until being formally organized and shelved at the branch for the public's use and enjoyment. Please come and celebrate the unveiling of the Travis Fristoe Memorial Zine Collection with us at BPL.

Volunteers willing to donate time, equipment, or food for the event are needed and much appreciated. Musicians are still needed for the concert portion of the event. If you would like to volunteer your time or talent, please send me a message or contact Gene Averkiou or Robin Enrico who are co-hosting the event.

Although the event is free and open to the public, we encourage all participants to donate to the college fund set up for Travis & Avery's daughter Astrid. Your support will help pay for Astrid's education and will let Travis's family know they have not been forgotten. 

(Note: Until Astrid turns 18, the account will be managed by its custodian Amy Trachtman, so please don't worry if you see her name listed on the account when you donate. Please be assured that all donated money will go to Astrid and only Astrid once she becomes an adult.)

You can donate through any of these methods:

1. Send your donation through Paypal to 
(Paypal is a free and easy money transfer service, just make sure you check the for "friends and family" and not the "goods and services" box)

2. Send your donation through Clearxchange using the email
(Your bank may be a network bank--e.g. Chase Quickpay, Wells Fargo Surepay etc--but if not, you can send directly from the clearxchange.comwebsite.)

3. Send your donation through using the email
(This service will charge you $.95 per transaction, but they also allow you to set up a recurring payment as well if you'd like to continue to contribute to Astrid's college fund on a regular basis.)

Please feel free to share the event and invite others to attend.