Interview with ASMRtist Whisper Latina

Apart from a make-up artist, dentist, nurse, hairdresser, etc ... Who is Jonie?

I am an entrepreneur, wife and mother. Professionally, I am a freelance web designer, working from home and dedicating my free time to ASMR. I am also an athlete, but lately I left it because of some health problems and time complications. But I love running, I practiced Roller Derby and Softball. I am also a Cat Lady as I always make it felt in some of my videos and social networks.

Do you have any particular memory of having felt ASMR before knowing what it was?

Perhaps during haircuts, although the tingling I feel with videos ASMR I had never felt in real life. It is something very unique that only happens to me with the videos I watch. The closest feeling to it is when I get my hair cut, but what I feel isn’t tingling .. just gives me goosebumps sometimes. And with ASMR that never happens.

How did you discover ASMR?

Before seeing ASMR was in a very difficult stage of my life, serious problems with postpartum depression that evolved into clinical depression. I would log on to Youtube to watch videos of cakes being made (it’s just the preparation, no one speaks and the camera only records the preparation of the cake). These videos relaxed me greatly and decreased my anxiety. I would also watch videos of a young Japanese dude assembling miniature food, his videos, too, had no talking, just the sounds of objects being used. One night in late 2013 the sidebar showed a  suggested video of a blonde girl and it said ASMR hair cut, I clicked it and although I did not understand what was happening and why this girl pretended to cut my hair, I liked it and I kept watching. This girl’s name is Olivia Kissper and she was my door to the ASMR world, I watched all her videos and I started reading about ASMR and that's how I fell in love and found relief for my stress and anxiety.

What motivated you to start making ASMR videos?

Although it would be irresponsible for me to say that the ASMR cured my depression and anxiety, I must say it was part of my treatment. I was in therapy and having been taking medicine for a long time, but ASMR was perhaps the last thing I needed to help my mind relax and let go of negative thoughts that my illness made me feel. Beginning in May 2015, to be exact, I decided to create my channel. I was determined to give the relief that I received, I felt I could convey the calm that helped me in difficult times.

How do you prepare to shoot your videos? Does your job have anything to do with the roleplays you choose?

I have several lists of ideas for videos that come through inspiration, experience and requests from my subscribers. The night before the video I think of what I want to do and get an idea / script in my head, something very rudimentary. At first I used to write a script but that made me feel like a robot, an unnatural feeling. So now it’s whatever is in my head at the moment. When I do medical videos I do research on the subject in advance to know the terms and get a rough idea of what the discipline is about if it's something that I have never experienced in medical practice. So once I have that idea in mind, I look for the props needed (at this point I have a large collection of props that I have saved and I just pull out what I need for the video the next day)

The next morning I prepare the camera, lights and microphones and shoot in some area of my house that is suitable for the subject I will be doing. I take our 5 cats to the other bedroom and leave them there so they don’t make much noise. I do my hair and makeup, and then look for the outfit I need for the video I will be making (I have several doctor’s suits and other uniforms). Typically, for a 20-minute video it takes me an hour or more depending on the outside noise. After that, I save it all on computer, post production and editing are a few more hours :)

And no, my roleplays have nothing to do with my real work. As a web designer I only edit code and images lol.


After three months of starting Whisper Latina, you opened an ASMR channel with content exclusively in Spanish, Murmullo Latino. Have you noticed any differences in your Spanish channel?

When I started Latin Murmullo I did it because I wanted to separate the communities. The Anglo people or English-speaking and Latin are very different in taste and way of being, and I noticed that English-speaking people were upset when they saw comments in Spanish or videos in Spanish and that made me feel bad for the Latino audience so that’s why I chose to separate them. At that time I did not have much time for the two channels, so I focused more on Whisper Latina and uploaded to Murmullo very sporadically. People in Murmullo asked for more and longer videos but I could not do it at the time. But since January of this year I made some changes in my schedule and I could be more consistent in Murmullo as with Whisper Latina, and it was then that the channel exploded, began getting more subscribers, more comments and many more views to the channel. I can say that it is much more than with Whisper Latina, and people are so loving and affectionate that I feel more at home because the vast majority are Mexicans and make me feel loved and “apapachada” with the great support they have provided to the channel, so I do my best to give them things and help them relax.

Have you had experiences in your personal life where you had unintentional ASMR?

As I said, I don’t experience tingling outside of  ASMR videos, it’s more of a relaxation when I get a haircut or massage. But now that ASMR is part of my life, every object I find makes me question whether it has a soothing sound I can incorporate into a video lol.

How do your friends and family react when they find out you're doing this kind of videos? Is it hard to explain?

At first I was a bit ashamed that they found out what I was watching or shooting. My brother found out about my videos and he would taunt me by whispering to me every time I saw him lol but eventually I started caring less. My husband always knew I watched ASMR videos and that it helped me relax and when I started doing my own videos he supported me 100%. Now even my mom is a fan of what I do and several of my friends discovered ASMR and enjoy what I do, soon I will have some of them as models for some videos. There will always be people who might scoff at what we do (whatever it is we’re doing) but it’s all a matter of how we feel and react to it.

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