#PuraSabrosura🔥La Liga Fundraiser in NYC

Flier by Veró Gomez Frobisher‎

La Liga presents PURA SABROSURA, a night of poetry, art, and music at The Silent Barn in New York!


Art Exhibition by:

Bulla En El Barrio is a group that aims to share the traditions, experiences, and lives of the Colombian cantadoras from the regions of Uraba, Cordoba, Bolivar, and Atlantico. Bulla is an effort to open a space in New York to explore at a deeper level the songs, and the dances that are part of these traditions. And that from its early days have been a tool for women to express themselves.

[Español] Bulla En El Barrio es un grupo que busca el compartir las tradiciones, experiencias, y vidas de las cantaoras colomibianas de las regions de Uraba,Cordoba, BolĂ­var, and Atlántico. Bulla en el Barrio es un esfuerzo hecho en New York City que abre espacios para explorar a un nivel más profundo las canciones y bailes que son parte de estas tradiciones. Desde sus orĂ­genes, las canciones y los bailes han sido herramientas para que las mujeres se expresen por si mismas

MANIAC Drea from M.A.N.I.A.C.

Mental Alienation Nourishes Intelligence and Creativity™

Combo Chimbita

Combo Chimbita is a new offshoot of the fast-rising M.A.K.U Soundsystem from the minds of musicians Camilo Rodriguez, Prince Of Queens and Dilemastronauta. M.A.K.U and El Combo Chimbita are comprised of young first-generation New Yorkers from Colombia, and the sound of this stripped down trio is a fiery blend of untamed garage abandon mixed with the diverse African & Caribbean influences that have permeated through the Colombian coastal sound systems. 


As an Afro-Latina (Puertorriqueña y Panameña), she aims to teach her diverse audience more about Latino culture, and aims to bring her Latino community one step closer to embracing their blackness. She combines Latino-Afro-Global sounds with her Brooklyn environment to create a euphoric & unique experience for her audience. Making her way around the Brooklyn scene at parties like ESO!! iBomba & La Rabia, plus releasing her debut mixtape La Sala (Oct. 2015) through Remezcla x Apple Music; DJ BEMBONA has proven that she is here to stay.

[Español] Como Afro-Latina (Puertorriqueña y Panameña), su objetivo es educar su audiencia sobre la cultura Latina y tambien a traer su comunidad Latina, un paso mas cerca de aceptando su negrura. Ella mezcla sonidos latinos, africanos, y globales con su ambiente de Brooklyn, para crear una experiencia  Ăşnico  y eufĂłrico. Haciendo su camino alrededor de Brooklyn, en fiestas como ESO!! iBOMBA y La Rabia...y tambien estrenando su debuto musical La Sala (Octubre 2015) mediante de Remezcla x Apple Music: DJ BEMBONA se ha demostrado que ella está aquĂ­ para quedarse.

Nani Castle

“Nani Castle is a young emcee proving to the world of hip hop that she is here and ready to be heard! Her latest project,The Amethyst Tape, is nothing less than, how she’d say, “Pink Gold.” Her enticing lyrics mixed with producer, Udachi’s, psychedelic beats remind me of MIA on her rookie mixtape: bold, passionate, and not of this world. In the song, “Pink Gold” she says, 'This is my town and I’m comin’ to ruin ya’ / Didn’t know any sooner that the powers were lunar.” In this sentence alone, she is exuding confidence, proving loyalty to her hometown of New York City and its people, and then, tops it off by throwing a little consciousness in it just in case her listeners try and dismiss her elevated mind power. Nani’s tape is rambunctious and bitterly awe-some; her sound is more poetic than the typical music that appeals to the masses. Her music is something that is not for the mainstream, top 40’s crowd. If you mess with Nani Castle, you’re ready to hear things like “I’ll be playing chess in a see-through dress with the personification of death” from “Crushed Velvet Remix” and my favorite line, “Come through like a sniper, f*ck with the scissors, get cut; behead us in a stunt, smirk, and a big butt” from “Lift the Veil.” The contrast of her rhythmic spit against an electric/hip-hop beat forces the audience to really hear her lyrics and break the barrier of mindless music listening. Nani Castle guides it’s listeners to mental freedoms through her comfortability of self, intellectual ideals, and unmistakable Shaolin Slum (Staten Island) rifts.” – Taylor Desmangles for The Mash Up

+++ POP UP VENDORS! Sula Collective, Luisa Rodriguez and La Liga Zine

June 24th, 2016
8PM - 2AM
The Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY