My Mother's Hands

“Tan bonitas eran mis manos,” my Mom says when she looks at her hands. Once slender fingers ending in long hard nails with the power to instill the fear of God into me...

Shared Power

I've only recently begun to conceptualize and execute legitimate shoots and with each shoot, I've learned a little bit more about how to interact with the people I'm shooting/working with (because "my models" sounds soooo weird to me). For this shoot, it was of the utmost importance that the folks I was shooting were comfortable. 

Interview with Gabriella Sanchez

"It’s no secret that people of color, and woman in general, are underrepresented in media and society's consciousness at large. One of the many results of this underrepresentation is that when a person of color is given a voice they are often seen as speaking for their entire community rather than as their individual self."

PHOTO: Here/Aquí

"What I saw was something I rarely see: Latinx femme people without aggression, without spice or sass or any of the things we so often get relegated to in mass media." A shoot highlighting Latinx femmes by Jenoris Caba.